Oriental rugs from recycled plastic

Just in time for the camping season: oriental mats, for indoor or outdoor use, made from recycled soda and milk bottles (polypropylene). Rugs are available in 4' x 8', 5' x 8', and 6'3" x 9' sizes, at a cost of around $40. (photo)

Mad Mats has created reversible, flat-weave rugs that resist dirt and stains.

From the website:

Mad Mats are made of recycled polypropylene (used soda bottles, milk bottles, packing, etc...) making them great for indoor and outdoor use.  Each rug is reversible. They are constructed using a unique flat weave and soft tubular threads that will not absorb dirt or stains of any kind.  Leaves, debris and food spills are easily rinsed away with a mop or hose. Water does not get trapped, so there is no chance of mildew and they will not rot wooden decks. They are truly carefree!  What could be better than that? Oh, they are produced under fair trade conditions. 

Thanks to THL Wulfwen atte Belle for the link.