Can't Decide what to do


I am new to SCA- actually, I'm only starting to do my research. I will be going to my first meeting on Thursday!

I am having trouble finding good resources (that don't put you to sleep when you read them) about the different time periods and cultures. I am a writer (hobby and professional), so any persona I have thought about pursuing, I can't because they exist in a world I have created, not one from actual history. I also find that some of the cultures have a tendancy to overlap (Irish, Celtic, Norse, etc), so I'm having difficulty trying to differentiate between them and decide on a culture.

Once I think I have decided on a culture, then I can look into the different time periods, and finally, create my persona. I can't even decide on a name because there are so many things (in regular life) that I am interested in and do! But, one must start somewhere, and I think the beginning is to research the different cultures.

Can anyone point me in the right direction of where to do this? I've tried going to the library and looking on the internet. But, either I get sleepy and don't absorb the information, or it all just starts to run together and I can't remember what goes with what culture.

Thanks for any help!