15th century "golden gown of Queen Margareta" re-created

Based on the silk fabric of the golden gown of Queen Margaret of Sweden, experts at Durán Textiles have produced a hand-printed design and re-created the gown. The story, with photos, appears in the Durán Textiles newsletter.

The "only female medieval gala dress preserved above earth in Europe," the gown was discovered in a tomb in the cathedral in Roskilde in the 17th century. The article by Martin Ciszuk discusses the gown and its recreation.

From the article:

The dress in the cathedral of Uppsala is called the golden gown of Queen Margareta. Margareta Valdemarsdotter ruled Denmark, Sweden and Norway and was the creator of the Kalmar union in 1397. There is a tradition that the gown was used as her wedding dress when she, daughter to the Danish king Valdemar Atterdag, as a six year old girl was married to the Norwegian king Hakon in 1363. The gown was hanging at her sepulchral monument in the cathedral in Roskilde until it was taken as a war trophy by the Swedish king Carolus X in the 17th century. It was given to the cathedral of Uppsala after the death of the king, and is still exhibited in the cathedral treasury.