[DRA] Cudgel War VIII

Cudgel War VIII will be held on July 9-18, 2010. The site will be our traditional camp site of Kavalahti, Inkoo, Finland.

Kavalahti scout camp
Kavalahti scout camp is located within a gently rolling and verdant pine forest. The heart of the camp is the grassy central square, where the mediaval pavillions will be set up. The square is surrounded by the beach and the saunas on one side, and the feast hall on the other side. The main building, which is a tad smaller than the feast hall is located uphill from the central square.

The main building has a dozen beds and a kitchen that everybody can use. The three cabins sleep 6-8 persons and are located c. 100 meters from the central square. There are also two fire pits; one between the sauna buildings and one by the tourney field.
Kavalahti has quite a lot of camping space. The square in the middle is reserved for period pavillions and tents, and it will be rather full of tents. So, if you plan on bringing a pavillion, please reserve a space for it in advance. Other areas for mundane tents are located just a bit further away around the period encampment; one by the parking lot and the other is in the woods above the main building and the cabins.

Fighting at Cudgel War VIII
For heavy fighters, we have several training sessions, a couple of tourneys, and three days of war. There will also be practice sessions and probably also a tourney for light fighters. Archers have their own competition, too. Fighting schedule is likely to be a lot like last year's:

Arts and Sciences at Cudgel War VIII

    * Lectures and workshops
    * Textile workshop