Known World Players to mount final production at Pennsic XXXIX

This year's Pennsic production of Euripides' Medea will be the final play performed by the Known World Players, company owner THL Tyzes Sofia (Zsof) has announced.

Since its founding in 1999 by Zsof and Lady Mica of Skye, the company's motto has been “period plays in a period fashion.” Productions have ranged from Greek drama and comedy to Shakespeare, and from bawdy to devout. Zsof plans to pursue other period theatre projects at future Pennsics.

Zsof said, “I will always look back with love on the past 11 years with the KWP. So many actors and technicians gave their all to make each show a success. I'd also like to thank the Coopers and the Pennsic staff for allowing the Performing Arts Pavilion to exist. ...They have my eternal gratitude for their hard work to give us such a wonderful performance space.

There is one other group of people I have to thank: our audiences who believed in us and applauded us and supported us completely. Without them we never would have been able to continue--their support was amazing.”

Medea will run August 13 at 8 pm at the Performing Arts Pavilion.