[MER] Lusty Month of May

It's the Lusty Month of May, and the Shire of Talmere invites you to come walk amongst the menagerie and celebrate our main annual event!  The theme is 15th century Florence and Rome and a historical wedding celebration.

Wear your finest, bring your best game to the tournaments and work up an appetite for a fabulous feast!  There are still bed and feast spaces available, but reservations are arriving daily and with less than two weeks to go send in your reservations now!
We begin the celebration Friday evening with a reception of music and a Period Drinking Games class. 
The traditional Rose Tournament will be held for heavy and rapier fighters on Saturday.  The Meridian General will host an afternoon heavy melee practice in preparation for Border Raids.  A historical fighting tournament "Lust for Knowledge" will be open to heavy, rapier and cut & thrust fighters.  Additionally, Live Weapons tournaments will be held for adult men and women and youth throwers.  
A Quest of the Exotic will take place on Saturday.  Also, express your amorous eloquence in the poetry contest of Italian sonnets or take in a class.
Children are welcome with a variety of kid's activities planned for Saturday; children 11 and under receive free admission.
A delectable Italian feast will be followed by a splendorous revel honoring the nuptial day of Lorenzo de Medici and Clarice Orsini from 1469.

FD Roosevelt State Park, 2970 GA Hwy 190, Pine Mountain, GA 31822