[LOC] St Crispins May Day

Unto the populace I do send greetings and tidings of the epic battle for the Rule of the very Seasons which is to take place whithin the Barony of Mordenvale on the 23rd of May, 2010.

The College of St Crispin will be holding it's mostly annual May Day tourney from 2pm on this day at Charlestown South Primary School.

The tourney shall be a sided challenge tourney with the forces of winter defending the field and the forces of spring attacking (and I do believe I hear some rumblings from summer and autumn that they have been left out too long) at the end of the day a sided melee will of course occur to determine who in fact was actually vanquished.

There will also be a light afternoon feast-ish meal including Meaty, Cheesy and some Fruity things on one form of platter and some downright delicious medieval sweets on another all prepared by St Crispins own Ragnhildr.

We also have an A&S comp: make a basic piece of garb (especially designed to encourage new members or those afraid of sewing machines), of course supporting documentation for your pattern will be looked upon favourably.

Cost for the event will be $10 for members of the sca and colleges and $12 non-members.

Oh and to encourage fighters to attend the winning prize is a delicious box of fresh fruit and vegetables valued at approximately $40.

I hope to see many of you there.

Donchad mac Caerill
current champion of St Crispins