[OUT] Bizarre Bazaar

The Bizarre Bazaar, the Barony of Caer Galen’s occasional Benefit Redistribution of Goods, is now less than two weeks away! Donate your stuff, get new stuff, and help grow the Barony's coffers!

DATE: Saturday, May 22, 2010
TIME: 12:00 noon to 5:00 pm

LOCATION: Discovery Learning Center at the University of Colorado College of Engineering in Boulder

What is The Bizarre Bazaar, you ask? It’s very simple, and a great deal of fun. People clean out their garages, basements, etc. and find items they no longer want or need that might be of interest to other SCA folk, and donate them to the cause. At the event, we set out all these donated items, individually or in lots, depending on the items, with paper bags next to each. We sell tickets for $1 each.  Drop a ticket (or several) in the paper bag(s) corresponding to the item(s) you dream of taking home. After a few hours of ticket-dropping we’ll hold a drawing for each item/lot, and the person whose ticket is drawn wins the item.  His Excellency Sir Douglas MacAndrew has once again agreed to be our Master of Ceremonies for the drawing. All proceeds go to the Barony’s coffers.

If there are very special or valuable items donated, they will be placed into the Silent Auction. In the past Silent Auction items have included such treasures as coronets, certificates for custom banners, pavilions, silk saris, helms, etc. Top bidder gets the item!

What kinds of items might you find on offer? The variety is staggering. Some types of things you might expect to see include books, garb, fabric, trim, camping gear, feast gear, jewelry, armor, knickknacks, collectibles, etc., etc., etc…  People often donate certificates for a service (private feast, massage, etc.) or custom-created item (garb, back scroll, etc). The possibilities are endless!

You may bring your items to donate on the day of the event (if you plan to do this, please arrive early-ish so people have an opportunity to put tickets in on the items), or I will be happy to collect them from you in advance if you would prefer.

Set-up/take-down help needed!  This is a labor-intensive event to take down , and even more so to set up. The more hands we have helping, the easier it will be. We can get into the site at 8:00 am for set-up. If you would like to help with set-up crew, please let me know.

An important fact to note: CU Police has a no-weapons policy on campus—no exceptions.  If you are wearing or carrying a weapon that is in excess of the Boulder municipal 3” blade law, you will be asked to take it off and put it in your car. If a weapon is an item up for redistribution, please take a picture of it and set the picture out for display, leaving the real item in your car.   Our ability to keep this free site and use it for future events depends upon your cheerful adherence to this policy.  (Note: They even mean Nerf weapons. Really. Not kidding. Not even a little bit.)

Francesca, Event Steward