Maltese Authorities May Bury Roman Wall

Times of Malta: A Roman wall discovered during renovations on Gozo Cathedral in Malta may have to be re-buried because the work was not authorized. Mgr John Vella Gauci, a parish priest at Gozo Cathedral in Malta, is taking on the Malta Planning and Environment Authority over a Roman wall discovered during renovations to the cathedral. The Authority has ordered the wall to be re-covered since its unearthing was not part of the original excavation plan. Mgr Vella Gauci, who believes the wall to be of great historic interest to Malta, is fighting the order, hoping to save the project and has called in George Azzopardi of Heritage Malta in Gozo.

"There have been various interventions at the cathedral over time and the other wall was practically touching it. There are 12 visible courses in this Roman wall, and I have never come across a documented wall in Gozo this high," said Azzopardi.

Mgr Vella Gauci has documented the project and hopes to see it to completion.