[GLE] Loch Bais Birthday Bash

The seasons have once more run their course, and the Shire of Loch Bais once again celebrates the occasion of its birth.

We invite you one and all to join us for Loch Bais Birthday Bash on Saturday, June 12.  Our celebration will once again be held at The Wesley Campus Ministry at 520 University Pkwy (College Ave), Natchitoches, LA.  Site opens at 9:00AM and closes when HRM Jon tells us to all go home or to our post event revels.
The day will include both heavy and rapier tourneys.  The heavy tournament will be the first TOC qualifier.  We will hold classes and play games.  List field pavilions are welcome.  A full schedule to follow.
Adults $8/Children
Under 12 $5
Deduct $3 for Off Board
Non-Members add $3
Send Reservations to: John Higginbotham revhigg AT yahoo DOT comCrash space is available for Friday and/or Saturday nights.