[ANT] May Pas d'Armes

By royal decree it is brought to you, a spectacle of chivalry and pageantry never before witnessed in these fine lands, a display of magnificence hitherto unknown.

Grace us with your presence and feast your eyes upon the noblest and stunning fighters in the Principality of Tir Righ.

Be among the most exquisite and charming ladies as they choose the challengers whose virtue stands out.

Come experience a wonder that shall give cause to all who bear witness to speak of its glory evermore. Those who forego will feel only a painful remorse that will cause them to lament in sorrow eternally.

Yes, we are holding a Pas d'Armes!

Coombs, BC
Gate: 9 a.m.

Heed our summons: adorn us with your attendance,
Present yourselves...

As a fighter, you embody all the knightly virtues, and here you may demonstrate them with all the glory of the chivalric ideals. Have your heralds extoll your deeds! Give tokens of your esteem to those opponents who impress you!

As a member of the gallery (audience), you have a chance to truly appreciate the display of the knightly virtues, and are encouraged to give those you esteem highly a physical token of your appreciation!

The Ladies' Gallery is open to all ladies (and lords!) who wish to watch their champions fight in the lists. The Ladies are to keep a sharp eye on the fighters, as chivalrous behavior on the field (and off) is of great importance! There should be a good deal of fun as the Gallery interacts with the fighters, and ribbons will be provided for the Gallery members to bestow as they will.

From south of Parksville, take the Inland Highway 19 north; turn west on Highway 4A at Parksville. Coombs is 5km. along Highway 4A.

From north of Qualicum, take the Inland Highway 19 south; at the junction of Highway 4, go west; follow the signs to Coombs from there on.

You seek Arrowsmith Hall on the Coombs Fairground on Ford Road (Turn 
at the Coombs General Store). http://coombsfair.com/location.php

An outrageous $5 (plus a non-member surcharge of $3, if applicable) for those 19 years and older; minors 12-18, $3; young ones free.

There will be a lunch concession on site; bring your feastgear!

Event Steward:
Halima al-Rakkasa doerksen@island.net