13th century Bible on eBay

For a mere US$185,000, you too can own your own 13th century manuscript, in this case 652 page vellum manuscript, illuminated throughout. (photos)

From the description:

"written in dark brown ink in an extremely small gothic bookhand, some headings in red, capitals touched in red, versal initials in Psalms and the Interpretations alternately red and blue, chapter numbers and running-titles in alternate red and blue letters with some flourishing, 2-line chapter initials throughout in red or blue with contrasting penwork extending far into the margins, approximately 142 large decorated initials painted in full colors in designs of leaves and plant-stems and often including dragons, birds, faces of lions, human heads, etc.

The website includes photos of a number of illuminated pages.

but it on ebay

It is true you can but anything on Ebay, lol.