[WES] Cynaguan Coronet

Greetings to everybody! These are words from your lowly autocrat to shed some light on the Cynaguan coronet coming up at the end of the month.

So here are the basics; the site is relatively new to us and is an undeveloped wilderness outside of Quincy. The address is 2231 Silver Creek Rd. Meadow Valley CA 95971, the site is the last meadow on the left, notable by the long wooden fence. If you get to the roundabout with dirt roads then you're at the farthest corner of the meadow you want to be in.

We will open for merchant set-up on Friday at 11:00 and regular camping at 12:00. And as a side note to merchants, this is a no fee site from the site owners.

The site comes with beautiful views, wide-open spaces, a loud camping area, and a creek running down one side of the site. Please note, potable water fixtures were not listed. The site owner (my family and I) are all kinds of animal friendly and are looking forward to seeing everybody under the full moon enjoying the cool mountain air.

If you have any questions about anything at all please contact me at jcbrooks1985@yahoo.com  James Skalli