Renaissance Faire

his is the 16th year that Cote du Ciel is hosting a Renaissance Faire to benefit the community center where we have our weekly practices.  This Faire is one of the ways in which we "pay" for our use of the building. This is NOT an SCA event.

Renaissance Faire
May 22, 2010
Girls at Ren Faire © Chris Chrysostome 2010 Location: Whittier Center
290 N 400 E in Logan, UT map
Faire times: 10am to 5pm
Entrance fee: $5, with $1 discount if wearing a costume

This is the 16th year of the Renaissance Faire at the Whittier Community Center. If you would like to help or merchant, please contact Rebecca Mikkelsen 435-232-6951.

This 100% family-friendly event includes interactive, hands-on activities the whole family will enjoy. All activities are included in the entrance fee.

Interactive, hands-on activities:

    * Perilous Quest--obstacle course on the Adventure Playground--battle "Black Knights" with foam swords, collect rewards, rid the city of rats, rescue the maiden
    * Face Painting--have a suitably Medieval or Renaissance figure painted on your face
    * Nine Men's Morris--learn to play this Medieval game and take home a game board
    * Forge a Sword--decorate a wooden sword
    * Make a Crown--decorate a cardboard crown
    * Mini Crossbow Shoot--shoot marshmallows at targets with tiny crossbows
    * Jewelry Making--make a beaded bracelet
    * Chain Mail Making--make a chain mail bracelet or key chain
    * Trebuchet--fire a trebuchet (balls for ammo) or be the target (water balloons)
    * Leatherworking--stamp a leather pendant or key chain
    * Pocket Sundials--make a sundial out of a wooden disk and a nail
    * Candle Making--make a dipped candle
    * Viking Tug of War--pull your opponent off of a stump
    * Crossbow Shoot--fire big crossbows at targets
    * Archery--fire arrows at targets
    * Fight the Giant--battle with a "Giant" (adult in armor) with foam swords
    * Meet the "King" and "Queen"

Foam Sword © Chris Chrysostome 2010 Other activities:

    * Armored combat demonstrations
    * AVA Summer Art School booth
    * Armor "museum" (displays)


    * Nutty Lady
    * Usborne books,
    * puppet vendor, etc.

That evening, the Whittier Center is also holding a Celtic Night, starting at 7:30pm and featuring Leaping Lulu and Inishfre.