Join us at our annual camping event to marvel at the wide open ocean, play games, and experience outdoor A&S adventures. There will also be an as-yet-to-be-determined rapier activity. The A&S competition is for a documented period dish for the Saturday evening potluck.

Autocrat's Whim is period outdoor clothing in any mode. Beyond the potluck, no meals will be provided. A small camper is available is for the very young, elderly or infirm.

This event will be held inside the locked community beside Pasagshak Bay at Lady Merona's property on Kodiak Island, Alaska. Please call or email the autocrat with your arrival time so you can be let in or picked up at the airport.

The caravan will be leaving from the Bell's Flats gas station at 4:15pm. Site opens Friday at 5pm, closes  Sunday at 5pm.. Out of town guests will be provided with transportation and tents. There are also a limited number of sleeping bags, loaner rapier gear and feast gear available - first come, first serve.

There is no site fee. Donations will be accepted. Please contact the autocrat with any questions. Mistress Tama Katerina Evstokh'eva tamfogle@gci.net