Viking Home Companion hits the road

Hersir Torvaldr Torgarson of the Kingdom of AEthelmearc reports that his Viking Home Companion show will be traveling to a number of locations throughout AEthelmearc and Atlantia during the month of May 2010.

Torvaldr writes:

Greetings Aethelmearc from Hersir Torvaldr Torgarson! Some of you may already know that I am a skald and in addition to my research into Norse poetry I also have a series of comedic Viking stories called the Viking Home Companion. Yes, I am that Torvaldr  :-)  Something very cool has just happened to me and I wanted to share! I have been booked by a number of the Sons of Norway lodges in North Carolina and Virginia to perform my Viking Home Companion show! I may even be on TV at one of the local Charlotte stations morning show. I am going to be on the road starting in Erie Pa and then going south to Charlotte, across to Virgina Beach and and back home again. Starting around May 12th and heading home around May 20th.

If anyone on the list may know of some people who would like to see me while I am on the road, or maybe have a house show as I pass through their area please do not hesitate to contact me. I can be reached at

If you have never heard any of my material you can hear some samples on line here at my website Welcome to the Viking Home Companion or you can hear the entire Radio Free Valhalla show on YouTube in two parts.