[ART] Quest for the Cure

As the winter snows thaw and spring blossoms across the great lands of Artemisia, a lurking, silent horror has been revealed.  Castle walls have kept our enemies safe from the Viking Horde, but those same walls have allowed a plague to fester and infect our would-be foes.

With great courage and resilience, our Baronage has commanded us to seek the cure for the lethargic malaise that cripples our adversaries.  Grab your sword, your crew and a pocketful of posies as we answer the call to Quest for the Cure.

By these efforts our enemies will be able to join us for this campaign season, healed by the stalwart bravery, renowned generosity and adventurous spirit embodied by the denizens of Gryphon’s Lair.

Jon Gryphon’s Lair in a Quest for The Cure this Memorial Day Weekend.  You and your crew will explore the European world of 1348, exposing yourselves to the dreaded Black Plague, virulent small pox and lethal cholera.  At each port, you will collect an ingredient to create The Cure, journeying through sickness, disease and a rollicking good time.

You may also purchase a Commemorative “Quest for the Cure” T-Shirt to celebrate the occasion.  Shirts are available for $10 for XL and smaller, or $12.50 for XXL and larger.  Pre-orders are welcome.

There will be a variety of activities for youth, Blood of Heroes for armored combatants, melee and tournaments for rapier combatants and classes for non-combatants.

Many food options are available including a 'Stone Soup' potluck from 6-7pm Friday evening (free with food contribution to the potluck), a Breakfast with the Barony fundraiser on Saturday, and for those interested Flora and Aggie have opened the Baronial kitchen to any who wish to buy into it. The deadline for reservations and payment is May 24th. For more information or to send funds via paypal please email Flora at lady_flora@msn.com.

Baronial Championships for Youth, Armored and Rapier will be conducted on Sunday.  Format for the scenarios is at Their Excellencies’, and the outgoing champions’, discretion.

Site Fee:
$15 for 16 years and up
$7 for children 5-15
Under 5 are free
Family cap is $45
$3.00 NMS applies

Weber Memorial Park
Group Site A
Huntsville, UT 84317

From I-15, take 12th Street exit, headed east.  Continue straight onto Canyon Roat/UT-39 East bound through Ogden Canyon for about 12 miles.  Turn right at E 100 S/UT-39/UT-39 Scenic E.  Continue for 8.4 miles.  Turn right at Causey Drive.  Continue for 1.2 miles.  Turn right into Weber Memorial Park.

Breakfast with the Barony.  See what His Excellency, Baron Don Aaron Carter decides to cook up.
$5 for 13 years and up
$3 for 5-13
Under 5 eat free

Please contact THL Flora for specifics and to reserve your spot. Reservations and payment are due by May 24th. In order to minimize the need for disposables they encourage everyone to bring feast gear for meals and will set up a washing station after each meal. The kitchen will not be open Friday evening so that folks can go to Mistress Bengta's pot luck dinner and will not be open Sunday morning, as the Baron will be cooking that morning as a Barony fund-raiser.

Event Stewards:
Hersir Ridari Thorvald Ulfhednar

Maestra Bianca da Ravenna

Merchant Contact:
THL Bjorn Johansen