[ART] Raptor War Returns 2

Raptor War 2 Returns, just in case you missed it the first time! Set in a provincial pasture near Glenns Ferry, Idaho, this site has something for everyone: Archery, Equestrian, Melee fighting, a Ball, a Bardic, and more!

Want to smash people in the head with sticks? Lord Mikle von Foxridge is as we speak formulating wicked and interesting battle scenarios for the extensive field the armored fighters have to play upon.

Like to flash your blade as well as your fine, fine fencing garb? Don Blaise is running the Raptor Rapier Rogue Tourney so come on down and get the shiny prize and strut your stuff.

Ever feel like there's always someone who needs to be shot? Lady Engeline has got an archery shoot to die for!

Addicted to the ponies or the dog races? The Honorable Lady Danielle has both equestrian and hounds coursing on her schedule, and we don't take your entire paycheck!

And if you want to do all four, form up your Best Little Army and register it for the Main Event on Saturday!

Wanna shake your groove thing? Lord Eadric is teaching dance classes to prepare you for the Raptor Ball on Saturday night.

Enjoy throat singing? Show off your skills at the Bardic Circle!

Wonder what you'd do if you only had a brain? Get your knowledge on with classes!

And when left to his own devices, you can see what Malcolm does with yours at the Heraldic table!

And as if this wasn't enough to draw your eye and your mid-July social schedule, Casa de Amistad is pulling together a Fabulous Friday Function where you can eat before, during or after you set up. Leave the cooking to us, and no dishes to do for the first night!

Add in the pageantry of court, and you have a party!

With low site fees and a family cap, you really can't turn this down! Join us! Leave your field to flower and let's enjoy a nice hot encounter in Arn Hold!