[LOC] College War XVI

It is the great pleasure of the College of St Ursula and Her Eleven Thousand Virgins and Martyrs to host the Sixteenth InterCollege War! Ah, Sweet Sixteen!

As such, bookings are now open, and should be directed to collegewar@gmail.com

Now, as to the details:

Cost:                  If booked by June 21st     Rock up at the door
Collegian (student-type person): $80                $90
SCA Member:                      $120               $130
Event Members:                   $130               $140

Non student attendees are welcome but, to keep things fair, they must allocate any points they win in any contest to a college not represented by a student at College War. Which is to say, If Sir  Percy de Neverwenttonostinkingcollege wins the heavy tourney, Sir Percy must allocate his points to an unrepresented college.

Location: J Harold Kaye Scout Training Centre, 2 Freeman Rd, Heathcote, NSW, 2233

When: 1pm Saturday 3 July to 1pm Wednesday 7 July

A feast, open to anyone and run by Mistress Helene du Puy, will be held on the Saturday night. The cost for the feast alone is:

                     SCA/college member            Event member
Booked                      $15                       $20
Unbooked                    $20                       $25
Booked and Bunking          $35                       $40

Any bunks free after full event attendees will be available for those who wish to enjoy themselves irresponsibly and return home the next day.  Breakfast will be included for these dissolute folk, though they set a terrible example for the youth of today.

What:  A final timetable is in the works, but will include a healthy mix of heavy, light, rapier, A&S challenges and fun.

The A&S challenges are:

  • Bardic/Entertainment, with the categories Period/Perioid, Filk and Open.
  • Siege Cookery - feed the horde with limited ingredients
  • Headwear - a hat, hood, whatever.
  • Brewing - something, anything, just make it wet and alcoholic
  • A Research Article - If you're not a crafty-type person, do some research
  • Stone, Steel and Leather - Go nuts, use your imagination, but remember, College War is legal now!
  • Maps and Navigation - Make a period style map or navigation instrument
  • Heraldry - in 2 categories, the group category (the whole college) and the individual category (one individual in livery, be it personal, household, baronial etc.)

Points will be awarded for participation, and if the article you have entered into a competition is the first thing of that sort you have ever done, you get double points. Double points also if your entry 
involves embroidery. No, embroidering the truth doesn't count. As this is College War, documentation is recommended but not necessary.

There will also be games played for points, including nine-man's morris, byzantine chess and Heraldic Twister. A full list will follow with the info pack.

The martial side of things will also be for points, and includes another challenge. We will be holding a regular, boring heavy tourney, either round robin or double elim depending on numbers, but we also wish a silly heavy tourney. The contest is to submit to the Marshall, Ariston Hegelokos, a tourney format you'd like to see. Winner gains points. Tourney winner gains points. Spectators and participants gain amusement. Everyone wins!

To balance the points scored between those three pillars of our society, Service, Chivalry and Creativity, we shall also award points for service. The system for this shall be explained in detail in the info pack and at site.  Providing enough in the brewing contest for everyone to share counts for service points.

Bookings for the event should come with payment, bank transfer details will be emailed privately.  Feast bookings should also come with payment, though we can only allocate spare bunks after the booking period has closed. Your transfer should list your mundane surname in the "other info" field, so we can tell who has booked.

Again, bookings go to collegewar@gmail.com

More information to be included in the info pack, to be released shortly.

Yours in Service,

Padraig Lowther
Glorious Dictator of College War
and Loyal Servant of The Crown