Blade restrictions could tighten in Victoria, Australia

SCA members living in the state of Victoria in Australia are faced with restrictions in ownership of sharpened weapons. Currently, members of the SCAA, like other re-enactors, are exempt from restrictions, but further restrictions are being considered.

Residents and visitors to Victoria can  face $1000 on-the-spot fines for carrying illegal knives. Re-enactors, fencing clubs, theater groups, and others have, or can apply for, exemptions.

From an article by Mark Russell in The Age:

The Department of Justice spokeswoman said: ''The department is reviewing the general arrangements around the exemptions which may include a range of further requirements for clubs'' such as stricter conditions for storage of the weapons.

From the regulation:

In Victoria, the Control of Weapons  Act 1990 (the Act) lists knives and other bladeware under Prohibited Weapons or Controlled Weapons. 

To legally own Prohibited Weapons you must have an exemption or be covered under the Control of Weapons Act. You may own Controlled Weapons (including knives not listed as prohibited) but need a lawful reason to carry or use them outside of your home. The onus is always on the carrier to provide that lawful reason (and self defence is never accepted as a lawful reason.) 

Tina Bean, Secretary for SCAA Ltd., reports that "The SCAA is aware of the review and of the issues currently surrounding the review. We have had recent contact with the Victorian Department of Justice and with the people running the review."