[GLE] Forest Maiden VI

Lady Fighters call for your Standard Bearer, Fighters request your Consort prepare, Pack Kit, Banners, List Tree Shield and most poetic Prose. Your presence is requested at The Tourney of the Forest Maiden

April 30 - May 2, 2010
Site opens at 5 pm Friday and closes at 11am Sunday.

Wi-Ta-Wentin 2185 Campfire Road, Lake Charles LA. 70611
From I-10, take Hwy 171 North to Hwy 378, Theriot Rd. Turn East and follow SCA signs to Campfire Road, turn right, watch for SCA signs.

Expect Merriment - Good Food - Activities for all.
Children's Activities: Tales of high adventure in the SCA and a Guessing Game.
Expect a tasty feast.
Traveler’s fare Friday evening, breakfast and a fundraiser lunch.

Site is discretely wet.  Proper disposal please.

Merchants Welcome - No Pets

Screened Cabins or Tenting & Feast $20.00   Daytrip & Feast $18
Off-board (no meals included) deduct $4. Non-member adults add $3.
Youth 7-12 half price.   Children 6 and under are free w/o bed.
No family shall pay a site fee higher than three adult members, as long as children are 15 and under and have memberships. Make checks payable to SCA Inc. Shire of Blackmoor Keep.

Autocrat: Sir Sa'ad, Dave Duhon saad@brotherguido.com
Reservations: Baron Nigel de Rothewelle  georgetip1@yahoo.com


Lord Mateo, Jonathan Lopez -  mateo_stikjok@yahoo.com
Lord Broddi, Dustin Fruge -  broddi781@aol.com