Pennsic Memorial Runestone

Lord Valdis of Gotland, organizer of the Pennsic Memorial Runestone Project, reports on the status of the project and the need for additional resouces.

Lord Valdis writes:

Greetings and salutations from Lord Valdis of Gotland, organizer of the Pennsic Memorial Runestone Project. First of all, thank you for your support of this project. I look forward to meeting and working alongside each and everyone of you at this coming Pennsic.

We need your help, this project is roughly six thousand dollars, with the primary amount going towards the purchase and delivery of the 9 ton Pennsylvania sandstone. We also need tools, safety equipment, insurance and some other smaller items. This was an ambitious project from the beginning, more so now with the economy. We need your help to get the word out to other kingdoms and all the way down to shire and baronial newsletters. I know many of us want to help but finances are tough at the present time, your help is needed as well to get the word out at event and demos. Passing the hat or a helmet around a feast hall can raise money and allow more then just us few to donate.

I would like to purchase and have the stone delivered at Aethelmearc War Practice in May. Your support is greatly appreciated. We have the means with your help to purchase and have the stone ready to carve this year, please help make this memorial a reality this year.

To make a donation through paypal or to mail in a money order or check, please follow the instructions below.

Any donation helps, I realize the economy is tough and many are saving for Pennsic, however if only 200 people would donate $30 each, we would have the monies needed. For those that are able to donate more money, $100 donors will receive a bronze pendant carved by Mistress Shrew and casted by Crafty Celts and for donations of $200 and over those individuals will receive the same pendant in silver. All pendants to be delivered at Pennsic. Donations may be made at PayPal using our email address of Snail mail donations (checks or money orders) may be sent to Baroness Bronwyn Acthorn at:

Pennsic Runestone
Marilyn Pannell 91 SME
Shippensburg, PA 17257

Yours In Service,
Lord Valdis of Gotland

PS Please pass this message along to any list, newsletters, individuals that you can as we are attempting to get this word to the entire known world as quickly as possible.