[EAL] Spring Crown A.S.XLIV

The Kingdom of Ealdormere invites you to... SPRING CROWN A.S.XLIV Hosted by the Northern Shire of Brennistien Vatn

Ah, Northern Ealdormere in the spring time!

Come to the frontier and witness the Kingdoms finest contenders compete for the honor of placing the Lupine Crown on their Consort's brow. This spring we will be holding the tournament at Baron's Howe, Their Graces Finvarr and Ragni's Estate. Gather your pavillions and camp around the bowl, basking in the glory that is an Ealdormere Crown.

Bring your A&S projects and show them off at our A&S display. Don't forget your armour! Even if you haven't entered Crown Tourney, there are plenty of fighters here in the North to test yourself against. We will have plenty of space for pick-ups. Are you an Archer? Depending upon the availability of an Archery Marshal, Baron's Howe has a range which will be prepared for use. Are you a merchant? We welcome all traders to the Northland, bring your wares and add to the splendor that is Ealdormere! After the feast (of steak, no less) all are welcome celebrate our newest Prince and Princess at a social hosted by thier Magestie's Northern Legion.

Date:     May 28-30, 2010
site opens-2pm Friday, May 28
site closes-2pm Sunday May 30

Feast Menu: Since this is a camping event, our feast cookery will be limited to a small 60-plate feast featuring a perfectly barbecued 10oz Steak! This beautiful centerpiece will be accompanied by two side dishes yet to be announced. Get your reservations while they last!

(Please contact our Feast Steward with any concerns or allergies you may have before you make your reservation)

The feast will be by pre-registration only, the logistics of having an outdoor feast make this neccesary.  There will be a maximum of 60 spots available.

Fees: Site-$20 per head, Family Cap at $50, Children 5-17 $10, Children under 5 are free.
Feast-$15 per head

Reservation Steward: Lady Heather the Questrix questrix@gmail.com

The only reservation will be a paid reservation Please make cheques payable to SCA-Northernshire, please, no post-dated cheques.

Location: Barons Howe

    Ravenhill Castle
    364 Development Road
    Bonfield, ON
    P0H 1E0

Directions: Go to Bonfield, Ontario via Hwy. 17 and Hwy. 531. Cross the railway tracks into the village. Once in the village, find the church. Follow the street in front of the church (Gagnon) south to the four-way stop. This is Development Road. Turn left and follow Development Rd. east 1 km. to #364 (mailbox says Jansons/Muhlberger). Turn right into the driveway. You are here! Bonfield, Ont., is about 30 km. east of North Bay off Hwy. 17.

Event Steward: THL Gann gann550@hotmail.com

Please contact Gann for any concerns or questions or Merchant space. Space is not a concern.

Feast Steward: Mu’allima Nadrah bint Valizan al-Garnitiyya nadrah@sympatico.ca

For any who have never been to Barons Howe, the site is somewhat primitive, Outhouses and porta-loos are the amenites. Make sure to bring plenty of water, and check the weather before you pack, spring nights on the frontiers of Ealdormere can be brisk. Warm cloaks are a fine idea! Have no fear if you forget anything, the town of Bonfield has a small grocery and snack bar, as well as an LCBO. Be advised, the only gas station in Bonfield is now closed.