The Barbarians are Coming!!!

History Channel: The History Channel announces a photo/essay contest to promote a new series called "The Barbarians are Coming," premiering January 2004. According to The History Channel, you might be a barbarian if...
  • You pick out your wardrobe based on the "sniff test."
  • You show your appreciation for a good meal with a belch.

Contest entrants submit a JPEG photograph of their favorite barbarian, along with an essay (100 words or less) explaining why the nominee is in "dire need of a makeover." Ten finalists will be selected on or about January 12, 2004, and their stories will be posted on The History Channel's web site. Visitors to the web site will vote to select the "barbarian most in need of a makeover."

The winning "barbarian" will receive a US$500 makeover by Perry Ellis, a famous designer, while all ten finalists will receive skin care products from The winner will be announced on January 20, 2004, after the previous day's premiere of the show The Barbarians are Coming! on The History Channel.

The deadline for submitting photos and essays is January 8, 2004.