York's Merchant Adventurers on Facebook

The 15th century met the 21st recently when York, England's Company of Merchant Adventurers announced that it will share the secrets of its famous guildhall in Fossgate on a Facebook website.

According to an article by Ron Godfrey in The Press, "The Merchant Adventurers’ Hall Facebook page is filled with information about the “venturerers” of old – those who ventured their assets by selling goods to Germany and France, setting off with cargoes from a deepwater Foss tributary via Hull docks. It also outlines a description of The Great Hall, its undercroft and its chapel, and it includes an interactive game where the viewer becomes a medieval venturer whose father has given him or her a massive UK£50 to trade in lead, wine, textiles and other goods with the object of making a profit."

Many thanks to Countess Alys Katharine, who has visited York on a number of occasions, but, alas, does not have a Facebook account, for recommending this story.