Fighters needed for Known World Children's Fete at Pennsic XXXIX

Jason Kinslae, Konungr of Atlantia, reports that volunteer "fighters" are needed to help with children's boffer activities at the Known World Children's Fete at Pennsic XXXIX.

Jason Kinslae writes:

Greetings Unto the Chivalry and Squires of Atlantia from Jason Kinslae, Konungr of Atlantia!

For the last 12 years at Pennsic, Atlantia has been the driving force behind the Known World Children's Fete.   The Fete is an opportunity for the children of the Known World to have fun and make new friends. Over the years the numbers have grown and there were over 440 children in attendance last year. As the number of children that attend the Fete grows, so does the need for volunteers. Volunteers are vital in making this tradition, started by our own Duchess Arielle the Golden in 1998 (AS 32), continue to flourish and grow.

One of the most popular activities at the Fete each year is the "foam sword play." The children take arms against an adult opponent in one on one combat using pool noodle foam weapons. The adults make a good show of it but basically allow the children to beat them at the game. This activity can be tiring and difficult to staff. The more "fighters" we have to rotate in and out, the better. Each fighter can play it up as much or as little as they want.  

The Fete will take place at Pennsic in the barn on Wednesday August 11th between 1pm and 4pm. In the past we have often had different Atlantian Knights help with this activity and it is a great way to give something to those who are the future of the Society.

Those who would like to volunteer can contact Countess Rowan Berran McDowell
(, the Lady of the Rose sponsoring this years Fete, or Herrin Emeludt Haensler (, the Known World Children's Fete Coordinator.   
Thank you for any assistance with this process.


Jason Kinslae, Konungr of Atlantia