[OUT] Plague Picnic

The most “Period” event ever: The Plague Picnic. Join us for the Plague Picnic.  A fun filled day of Plague, Punishment, and Pleasure.

Location: Bear Creek Park in Colorado Springs
Date and Time: Sunday, May 16th from 10 am – Until the Plague claims us all
Site Fee: Free

Autocrat: Lady Cadlae Horsey called Key Keytara@gmail.com

The Plague
The Black Plague --Glitter will be the sign of the plague.
The Plague Fairy will spread the plague
The Cure – There is none, so beware!!!

Food Contest —the feast will be a twisted potluck.  All of the food has to be eatable and taste good according to relatively normal standards.

  • Gross out factor: The food needs to resemble something disgusting or have a disgusting name.  For example:  if you put some green food coloring in a plastic bag with a few drops of water.  You can then dab the bag over a loaf of bread and make “moldy” bread.
  • Winners – The winners of the food contest will be determined by the King and Queen of misrule, or other suitable tyrants.
  • The Punishment
  • Tyrants—*What would the dark ages be like without tyrants?  This year’s tyrants will be the King and Queen of Misrule, if they can make it.  They can punish whomever they want for whatever reason.  (They may also be bribed to sentence someone.)
  • Stockades – *if people have stockades, cages, or other fun torture devises they are highly encouraged to bring them!!!!

The Pleasures

  • Prizes—prizes will be given out at the whim of the King and Queen of Misrule, or suitable tyrants if they cannot make it.
  • King and Queen of Misrule: Depending on the timing of this event with Feast of Fools the King and Queen of Misrule are welcome to come to this event as our tyrants for this year.  Their servants are also welcome.

Populace Meeting:  Sometime during this event there will be a populace meeting where all are welcome.  The point of the meeting is to discuss new recruitment ideas AND how to revitalize the barony.  Please come with ideas and enthusiasm!