Tournament of Friends II photos

And so the Great Tournament of Friends came and went. Four mounted warriors took the field and conducted several matches each. One mounted warrior, Fillipo Clemente Esposti, earned the title of Champion.

Thirty some odd armored warriors took the field, led by Warlords Duke Cuan, Count Vlad and Count Sinclair. A sacred patch of ground was fought over, held and lost. Teams fought with each other and against each other. Much toil and fun was had: smiles. laughter, and the spirit of friendship continuing to grow. Archers, Artisans competed in tough competition. All gentles were included….
After the points were tallied and the anticipation grew, it was revealed that the teams of Blue (Duke Cuan) and Black (Count Sinclair) had become tied with 14 points each.
The true winners were resting in the hall, drinking in with delight the sights and sounds of our special time.
Courtesy was seen everywhere. Fun, laughter were seen in the smiles, hearts of all.
To the men and women who traveled from the far reaches of the kingdom…my hat is off to you!  I pray that you all have returned back to your lands with renewed vigor, strength and one more friend you may not have known before this grand tourney. I am hopeful that next year I can convince you to come, share and enjoy our hospitality in the heart of Atlantia….The Barony of Windmaster’s Hill.

Photos of our friendship can be seen online.
In Obscurum nos fio lux Lucios
With Warmest Regards I Remain ...
Alain de La Rochelle, Lord