[ART] Uprising XXIV

Uprising XXIV will be held from June 15th - 20st ,2010 in the glorious Barony of One Thousand Eyes.

The site for the event is once again the Ancestral Youngforest lands in Firth, ID.

No Pets!
Anyone arriving with a pet will be turned away.  NO EXCEPTIONS!
(This includes dogs, cats, rats, and any other form of animal that you could imagine or leaving your pet in your car. Handicapped assistance animals allowed only with the site owner’s permission, something he is not obligated to do.) We suggest a local kennel if you must travel with your pet, but the animal will not be allowed on-site.

The Gate will only accept CASH, checks will not be accepted at the gate.

Minor Curfew at Uprising
Please note that there is a curfew in effect this year at Uprising for anyone under the age of 18.
All minors must be in their camp by 11 PM or be accompanied by their legal guardian.

To reach the site:

Take your best route to I-15 exit 108 (Shelley exit) and head east until you reach S. State/US 91/Yellowstone Highway.
Turn south (right) on US 91 and head south approximately 4 1/2 miles to 800 N/Goshen Road.  There will be Idaho Supreme silos on the left.
Turn east onto Goshen Road and head east approximately 3 miles.  The Uprising site is on the left.  There will be a sign on the right stating "We sell firewood" just before the turn, and an SCA sign on the road indicating the enterance to the site.