Vivant to Ulfr and Caoimhe, Prince and Princess of Drachenwald!

HE Sir Ulf Bloodfoot Fallgrson, fighting for the honour of his lady Viscountess Caoimhe ingen Domnaille, has beaten Sir Vitus Polonius, who fought for the honour of Meisterin Eleanora von Ratzeburg for the Crown of Drachenwald.

Sir Ulfr and Viscountess Caoimhe originally hail from the lands of An Tir, but have been resident in the southernmost reaches of Drachenwald for over a year, and bring the crown of Drachenwald to Adams Tor and Griffin's Tor (mka Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa) for the first time in our history.

The Tournament took place on Saturday, 10 April, 2010.

To the heirs, Vivant vivant VIVANT!


Genevieve la flechiere

A video, shot by Lord Olavi Tirva, is avaialble to view on Youtube.