[OUT] Plattefordham Prize Tourney

Welcome children of all ages to Casper mountain for the 10th annual Plattefordham Prize Tourney, this year we are helping stage 3 (a theater production group) put on a fighting demo/tournament, for both light and heavy in conjunction with their Ren Fair.

Artisans are needed to come and display your crafts, all bards/musicians welcome we can have an area set up for story telling/music/Bardic, merchants highly encouraged to come sell your handmade goods (All merchandise being sold must be hand crafted). An area can be set up for archers if any would like to come.

Lots of fun and game for smalls of all ages, a Shakespeare play will be going on through out the day, with several dragons around the site, one marking the ravine (ditch), and a woods dragon which fighters will be needed to slay during the woods battle.

We will have a donation/potluck (either bring a food item or donation) supper on Saturday, with merchant food booths available during the day.

This is a mundane camping area in the mountains so park fire rules apply, fires in provided fire rings only or above ground fire pits, a fire extinguisher must be available at each tent. Bring drinking water, pets allowed on a leash.

Site is dry during the Ren Fair hours, and WET after hours.

We need to know how many are going to be here (both adult and smalls) to get enough site token for everyone, so please get reservations to autocrat ASAP.

June 18-20

Bear Trap on Casper Mountain, Casper, WY

SITE OPENS Friday June 18th anytime for set up, and closes Sunday Jun 20 anytime.

SITE FEE: $8.00 a night camping fee (payable at site to campground) ADULTS FREE for all participants, SMALLS ½ price, SMALLS UNDER 5 FREE (additional fee for children’s game tokens paid at gate).Non member surcharge of $3.00

Merchant fee: $45.00 per booth. Limited booth space available, get your paid reservations in ASAP. Contact autocrat for merchant info.

Autocrat: Lord Lenard reddragon533@yahoo.com

Directions: Take your best route to I25 from the South Exit 185, turn left onto SE Wyoming blvd,
continue on Wyoming blvd thru town around a long drive to Casper Mountain Rd. turn Left on Casper Mountain Road, follow it up into the mountains watch for SCA signs. 

From North Take your best route to I25 take the Popular Street exit, Turn Right onto Popular Street, follow it to Wyoming Blvd, turn left on Wyoming Blvd, follow it to Casper Mountain Rd, turn Right
onto Casper Mountain Road, follow it up into mountains watch for SCA signs.