[ATE] Highland War XVI

One year ago, an alliance led by House Inverted and the Wardogs caused a region of our fair lands to rebel and claim independent rule.  Now we call upon all the troopers of the Emp… I mean Kingdom… to storm the ramparts of their rebel stronghold and help Us return these lands to Our loving care.  They must learn that what can be seized by force can be re-taken by the same means at Highlands War XVI – The Northlands Strike Back.

The Barony of Ered Sul in the Northlands of the Kingdom of Atenveldt will host the 16th Annual Highlands War from  June 3rd to 7th 2010. The event will return to the incomparable site in Mormon Lake, AZ ( 30 miles south of Flagstaff, AZ). Please join us for a unique respite from the heat of the deserts and stress of the cities and enjoy the cool of the meadows, forests, and mountains of Northern Arizona!

Site Information          
The Site for war is the incomparable Mormon Lake approximately 40 miles south of Flagstaff, AZ on route SR 487 (aka Lake Mary Rd) Further information on site details are forthcoming, please check back soon! GPS is not recommended to find Mormon lake Lodge, as there have been many people stranded by the bad roads these routes can take you on. Be forewarned: the most direct routes ( and therefore GPS routes) often traverse unmaintained forest service roads!

Driving Directions:
From I-40 traveling East or West: Take the Sedona/Phoenix south turn-off and get onto 1-17 South. Take the first off-ramp Sedona 89A/Pulliam Airport exit and turn left and cross back over the freeway and get back onto I-17 North. The first off ramp is Lake Mary Hwy. At the off-ramp stop sign turn right and travel according to the following directions.

From Flagstaff: Take the Lake Mary Hwy (FH3) about 21 miles (towards Payson) to the Mormon Lake Village turn-off sign. Turn right and travel about 7 miles to the lodge. You will see the roping arena, campground and RV Park on your left and you will not miss the lodge.

From Camp Verde and I-17: Head East on Hwy 260 through town and continue up the mountain approximately 31 miles. Once you reach AZ-87, turn left toward Clint's Well approximately 12 miles. Continue with the following directions from Clint's well.

From Payson: Take Hwy 89 north and go through Strawberry and Pine to the little village of Clint's Well. Just past the store and gas station, turn left and take FH 3 (Lake Mary Hwy) north towards Flagstaff. Travel about 35-40 minutes and you will pass the Stoneman Lake Road turn-off. About seven miles past the Stoneman Lake Road turn off you will see the south entrance to Mormon Lake Village - watch for the Mormon Lake Village sign on the right side of the road. Turn left and travel two miles to the lodge. You will not miss the lodge. From I-17, on the Stoneman Lake Road: Get off I-17 on the Stoneman Lake Road turn-off and travel about seven miles on paved road to the end of the paving at a T-intersection with unpaved road. Turn left at the stop sign and travel about eight miles to the next paved road - FH3 (Lake Mary Hwy). Turn left and travel about seven more miles to the south entrance to Mormon Lake Village. Look for the Mormon Lake Village sign on the right side of the road. Turn left and travel two miles to the lodge. You will not miss the lodge.

NOTE: Stoneman Lake Road, while well traveled, is only paved for 7 of 16 miles at the I-17 end of the road; the rest of the road is graded cinder road and might not be suitable for some cars or may be closed in severe weather conditions. But, this route will cut 40 minutes off a trip through Flagstaff. This route is NOT RECOMMENDED FOR LOW PROFILE CARS.