[ATL] Baronial Birthday & Investiture

Alas! Alack! It is a sad day for the people of Hawkwood as they  must bid  adieu to Their Excellencies, Thorgrimr and Adeliza. However, our  monumental sorrow is tempered with a great joy! Their Atlantian Majesties will  invest a new Baronial Coronet to oversee Their lands in Hawkwood! Let all of Atlantia join us as we celebrate not only Hawkwood's Baronial Birthday, but also an Investiture of new nobility.

MARTIAL ACTIVITIES: Any new Baronial Coronet requires a  healthy Court to surround them. Join in contests martial to determine new  Baronial Champions for Hawkwood. Heavy and Rapier contests will be held both for  fun and for positions in the Court. Compete to impress! Target Archery will also  be

ARTS & SCIENCES: Pageantry is the theme of the day  and the populace is encouraged to show their finest heraldic display and to  bring items and stories associated with Hawkwood's history. There will be prizes  for the Best Personal and for Best Baronial Heraldic Display. A special  competition will be
held for best New Baronial Regalia Item donated to the  Barony.

YOUTH ACTIVITIES: A jewel quest will entertain your  children. There will also be a Youth Combat Tournament. The Atlantian Pages'  Academy will be sponsoring classes as well as a Page for a Day program. Contact  _Lady Niccolina the Wanderer_
(http://hawkwood.atlantia.sca.org/functions/mailto.php?u=deanpages&d=atla...)  for more information.

FEAST: A celebratory feast (limit 75) will be prepared  by our head cook, Matsudaira Kentarou Toshiyori Sensei (Master Oshi). Please  address any dietary concerns to him at _oshi AT triad.rr.com_
(http://hawkwood.atlantia.sca.org/functions/mailto.php?u=oshi&d=triad.rr.com) . ALL persons occupying a chair at feast  (this includes children) MUST have a reservation (even if they
are comped)! 

SITE: The site is the Bischoff Center at the Lutheridge  Conference Center, 28 Spruce Drive, Arden, N.C. 28704. 828-684-2361. The site is  wet. No pets allowed. Parking only in designated areas.

Site opens Friday (May  7) at 5:00 pm and closes Sunday (May 9) at 11:00 am. There is plenty of tent 
camping space and there are heated cabins for the first 25 pre-paid reservations to request it. Merchants are welcome and encouraged, but must contact the autocrat in advance.

Adult, Members: $15.00 Day Trip, $7.00 Feast, $5.00 Camping 
Adult, Non-members: $18.00 Day Trip, $7.00 Feast , $5.00 Camping 
Youth, 6?17: $7.00 Day Trip, $7.00 Feast, $3.00 Camping 
Children, 0- 5: $0.00 Day Trip, $7.00 Feast, $0.00 Camping
Reservations postmarked prior to April  16th may deduct $2 from the Adult
Day-Trip/Site Fee and/or $1  from the Youth Day-Trip/Site Fee. Children 5 and under are guests of the barony,  but they MUST have a reservation if occupying a seat during feast. Feast is sold  by SEAT, not age! Overnight cabin space is available for the first 25 guests  to pre-reserve with payment. Tenting space is available for all others. All  refund requests must be received IN WRITING within 7 days of the end of the  event. Please remember that the only true reservation is a PAID one! Please  include an email address for confirmation.

RESERVATIONS: Make checks payable to SCA, Inc./Barony  of Hawkwood

AUTOCRAT: Master Bran Trefonnen _swmyers@aol.com_ 

DIRECTIONS: Take your best route to I-26, exit 40,  Airport Rd. exit. Coming from the north/west, turn left at the ramp onto Airport  Road; Coming from the south/east, turn right at ramp onto Airport Road. Follow  Airport Road until it junctions with Hendersonville Road. Turn right onto  Hendersonville Road. The entry to Lutheridge is less than a quarter mile on the  right on Hendersonville Road. Signs will also be posted.