[GLE] Cracked Anvil XIII

Hear ye, Hear ye my goodly gentles – our neighbors and friends, both old and new; the Shire of Smythkepe  invites ye to join in fine fun, revelry and wondrous well displays of prowess both on and off the lyst field.

We present to ye…
Cracked Anvil XIII
What I Love about the SCA!
May 21st – 23rd, 2010
Do ye remember what first attracted ye to the SCA? Was it the chance to fight? The garb? Perchance a love of history?  Mayhap ye appreciate the values we celebrate that seem to be long missing in the Mundane World? Whatever be ye reason, we invite ye to fall in love again as we re-explore the many, many reasons we became part of the Society of Creative Anachronism! Join us in celebrating our love of the SCA with arts & sciences, archery, rapier, heavy and yes EQUESTRIAN!  
Contact Information:
Event Steward:  THL Regne de Lyon
troy.gordon at rheem.com
Feast Steward:  Lady Maud dee Bywater
niftywitch at yahoo.com
Reservationist:  Lady Aesa Gaethfogmar
Jnllcllns at yahoo.com
Equine Liaison:  Helena de Navarre
Deirdreofauxarc  at  yahoo.com

(Equestrians, prithee  contact Helena at least a week before Cracked Anvil if ye plan to attend so that the Marshall, Lora Greymare, can expect ye. Also remember thy health (if out of state) and coggins papers along with a copy of each.)
Site Fees:
$15 Adult
$12 Children 12 & under
$3 non member
$3 primitive cabin/tent platform
Subtract  $5 for No feast
(All other meals included)
From Fort Smith, take Hwy 71 South 30.3 miles to Hwy 23, turn left. Go 3.3 miles on Hwy 23 to Cahinnio Road. Camp Cahinnio is on the left at 28 Cahinnio Road, Boonville AR 72927.  NEW SITE; Discreetly WET!