Northshield's First Coronation to Take Place in Silfren Mere

Aubrey and Anne, Their Stellar Highnesses of Northshield, have announced the dates and sites for Northshield's first Coronation and second Crown Tourney. Their Highnesses wrote:

Greetings Northshield from your Prince and Princess, Aubrey and Anne,

We would first like to announce the sites for both the Second Crown Tournament and the First Northshield Coronation. We have decided that we needed to separate the events due to their size, and to make sure that each event will have its own focus.

We received many excellent bids and we thank each and every one of you who put forth the effort (and in some cases at the last minute, too) to put together several wonderful packages to choose from. We have had some tough decisions and the royalty had much discussion on this topic.

Thus, it is our wish to hold the First Coronation of Northshield in Silfren Mere (Rochester, MN) on October 16, 2004.

The Second Northshield Crown Tournament (and first Crown run solely by Northshield) will be held in the beautiful (soon-to-be) shire of Vilku Urvas (NW Minnesota) in October (actual date TBD), 2004.

Both of these events will be spectacular and we are sure you will enjoy them greatly! These will be very large and important events and they may need assistance from the populace of Northshield, so let's make sure they get it, shall we? One of the biggest ways you can help, is to not only go to the event, but to sign up early and volunteer in what ways you are able.

Speaking of which, we know you have already made arrangements to attend Northshield's First Crown Tournament and the Investiture of Hroder and Giulia in the Barony of Windhaven (Appleton, WI), on May 8th 2004, right? Who would miss such an historic moment!? We plan on seeing you all there! Sign up now, if you haven't already.

Long Live Northshield!!

Aubrey and Anne

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