Former Yugoslavian countries documenting medieval tombstones

The nations of Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro are working together to document monumental medieval tombstones known as "Stecci".

The countries intend to nominate their combined findings for inclusion in UNESCO's World Heritage List. There are 450 stecci sites already on the World Heritage List, and there are an estimated 69,000 medieval tombstones in the region.

I have an old oversized book called "Stecci"

I just found one of my mother's old books that I've had in the basement for many many years.  It is titled "Stecci" and is written in Serbo-Croatian.  Can't read the date - beautiful black and white photos.  It is a large coffe table edition - smells damp and musty but no mildew.  Anyone interested in this or know anything about it?  Reply to  - 8/28/2010