[GLE] Knight's Academy Class of 2010

Join Shire of Dragoun's Weal as we once again host an event dedicated to the Chivalric virtues of Honor and Courtesy as well as the Art of Armored Combat.

Knight's Academy is dedicated to help teach the Chivalric Code not just to fighters but to the entire populace. Open panel discussions on the Knightly Virtues along with a Open Panel Saturday fora Q&A breakfast with the Chivalry.

The Knightly Challenge Tournament Returns so bring your best to challenge the Knights at their Best.

Also, Saturday night weather permitting, we will have a shield burning so bring your old wooden shields (with metal parts removed) and your best war stories.

Where: WOW Site in Hattiesburg MS
When: May 21 2010 - May 23 2010

A tavern style fare will be served as below the salt. Stews and cheese and bread with tea and lemonade and water. If you forget your feast gear...there will be some disposable on hand for purchase.

Below the salt - $5
Disposable Feast gear -$1
Helping the Incipient Shire Coille Fhionnabhann (guardian forests finally approved name!) With a fundraiser... Priceless!!!