[ATL] 12th Night 2011

Odin is restless. Valhalla has been quiet for too long and needs fighters and frolic to brighten it's dark halls. What can be done? A gathering of  Vikings is needed! Odin looks over his lands and spies the Kingdom of Atlantia in all it's splendor. Here is the answer! A grand winter festival to enlighten his spirit and bring laughter to his home!

The Stronghold of Raven's Cove invites one and all to spend a day in Valhalla! Wear your best Viking apparel, bring your best war stories and be prepared to enter the games and festivities that a day in Valhalla is sure to present.  Feasting, fun, food and frolic are the answers to a long, cold winter and to pleasing Odin! 
Event Site:  Crystal Coast Civic Center, Morehead City, NC
Adult, member                  Day trip -   $12.00                                    Feast:  $8.00
Adult, non-member         Day trip -   $15.00                                    Feast:  $8.00
Youth (5-17)                      Day Trip -  $10.00                                   Feast:  $8.00
Child (0-4)                          Day trip      $ 0.00                                     Feast:  $0.00
Event Steward:  Katharine de la Vache (Laura Garcia), elgrad@hotmail.com
Feast Steward:   Master Robear de Bardoulf