Cooks & Performers Needed for Estrella Queen's Tea

Lady Catelin Munro of Ailsa, Autocrat of Estrella XX Queen's Tea, has requested help from cooks and performers who plan to attend the Estrella War. Lady Catelin writes:

As has become tradition, there will be a grand Tea in honor of the Queens attending the war. The Queen's Tea will feature drinks and hors d'oeuvres created by the finest cooks in the Knowne World, and entertainment by many talented performers. All are invited to attend.

However, such an event cannot happen without help. To that end, I ask any and all cooks and performers interested in assisting in this endeavor to volunteer your talents to make it possible.

I am looking for people who are willing to make snacks (preferably period) to serve to the TRMs, as well as performers to entertain them. Understanding that many of my cousins in Calontir do not have excesses in space when travelling to Estrella, assistance is available for those who wish to participate, whether it be cooking equipment, presentation and serving gear, food storage, or a place to safely keep musical instruments, I will be happy to help arrange. So, if you are willing to help make this a true showcase of talent from all of the Kingdoms participating in Estrella War, contact me. I know Calontir has some of the most talented people in the Knowne World (especially the singing - oh, how I miss the singing...).

I can be reached at

Thanks in advance and Happy Holidays to everyone!

In Service,
Lady Catelin Munro of Ailsa (mka Kae Neustadt)
Autocrat of Estrella XX Queen's Tea