[WES] Winter's Gate Fool Revel

The Fools are coming! The Fools are coming! Cabin fever is rampant and the call has gone out for PLAYTIME!  Come join the Barony of Winter's Gate on Saturday April 24, 2010, as we celebrate the return of warm sun and spring renewal in our own silly way.

There will be a Heavy fighting "Fool's Pas", a competition for best "Pun-ny" outfit and an A&S competition for "Spring!" in any mode with documentation an added bonus.  The contest for the Fool of Winter's Gate is for your best silliness, in garb, in action...or as you see fit.

The Tourney for the Champion of St. Boniface will also be held.  This is a boffer tourney and is open to all, ages 12 and up.  Weapons must be of the "Pandy-bat" variety; that is, they must be more likely to give a whack to the one wielding than their opponent.  Silly weapons are encouraged and all must be of foam (pool noodles are perfect!). A boffer tourney will also be held for the younger populace.

For fundraising, there will be an auction for "Servant for the Day". Volunteer yourself for a good cause.  Tote someone's boxes and baskets, peel someone's grapes, all in good fun and all proceeds will help bring teachers up to visit and share their knowledge with us.

Dinner will be held at 6pm and is a potluck with one meat dish provided by the Barony.  Please bring a dish to share for 8-10 people.  This is a dry site.

Site information: Site opens at 10am and closes at 10pm.  The site is located at the Boy Scout Office at 1400 Gillam Way off of Airport Rd.  Site fee is $7 for members, $10 for non-members, and ages 12 and under are free. Site fee will be waived if a toy for ages 0-3 is donated for the Winter's Gate children's toy box.

Autocrat: Margery Garret motherchaos@gci.net