[ANS] Champions of Bonwicke

War is over, and our warriors have returned to regale with tales of heroic deeds and great honors. As bright spring arrives on the grasslands of Ansteorra, the time arises again for the Barony of Bonwicke to hold a tournament to select her Champions, and we invite all from far and near to join in the revelry.

It promises to be a day of grace and good fellowship, so come test your skill and vie for the chance to become Bonwicke's newest Chivalric, Rapier or Archery Champion.

HL Serafina is proud to sponsor a Peeps Subtlety Contest. As you may know, subtleties were extravagant dishes that were created with great cunning and skill. They were designed to impress, and often played on illusion, symbolism and wordplay (puns). So stock up on your favorite chicks and bunnies, and turn your hand to the creation of a masterpiece in marshmallow. Entries will be displayed in the hall for the delight and envy of all.

Finally, to celebrate, the elevation of our beloved Baron Chiang to the rank of Knight, Bonwicke will close the day with a Masquerade and Feast of St. George. All good gentles are invited to attend. Because we love to see the skill of our kingdom?s artisans, we are also holding a contest for the best mask. Paper or clay, leather or feather, all entries are welcome. Judging will be by popular vote.

Opens at 5:00pm Friday, April, 23th
Closes at 12:00am Sunday, April, 25th.

The site is located at Forrest Park (10th Street South) in the city of Lamesa, Texas.

Site Fees
$8.00 with proof of membership.
Children 6-17 are $5.00
Children 5 and under are admitted free.
Family cap is $26.00.

Feast Fees
There will be an evening feast for $6.00;
Children 5 and under are admitted free.
The feast is limited to the first 75 people that reserve.
Please contact the Feast Reservation Steward for reservations to feast.

Merchants are welcome, please contact the Event Steward for details.

Site Rules

The site is DRY.

Camping in the park is allowed.
(or check for hotels and RV accommodations under the Hotel section)

Ground Fires are not allowed.
Tiki torches & lanterns may be allowed, pending burn ban status.