Middle Kingdom to Welcome New Kingdom Officers

Several current and pending successions have been announced among the kingdom officers of the Midrealm. At Crown Tournament on October 19, the following new Midrealm officers assumed their posts:
  • Lady Tatiana Melville became Kingdom Chirurgeon, succeeding Lord Ulrich von Landstuhl
  • Duke Sir Edmund of Hertford became Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences, succeeding Baron Arundel

In addition, it has been announced that THL Sean o'Shaughnessy will succeed Sir Ixtilixochitl in the office of Deputy Earl Marshal for Youth Combat. This transition will be effective at approximately the beginning of 2003.

Finally, SCAtoday.net is pleased to announce that one of our own staff members, Lady Milica of Varna, will assume the duties of Kingdom Chronicler in January of 2003.