James "Hawk" Galloway elevated to Pelican in East Kingdom

Their Majesties Konrad von Ulm and Brenwen the Faire have elevated James "Hawk" Galloway to the Order of the Pelican for his long service to the Chirurgeonate in the East Kingdom, Pennsic, and Known World.

Hawk has been a Chirurgeon in the East Kingdom for many years, and he has additionally distinguished himself for his service as Pennsic War Chirurgeon-In-Charge multiple years and for serving as Deputy Society Chirurgeon at the corporate level. In addition, Hawk is known to many as one of those people who performs massive amounts of scut work at events without complaint or fuss.

A vigil at Mudthaw in the Barony of Settmore Swamp was hosted by Hawk's friends, and Chirurgeons and others from around the Known World attended to wish him well. At the elevation ceremony, tales were told of his willingness to clean up a nasty biohazard spill at Pennsic that had been caused by a plumbing malfunction, his hospitality in welcoming newcomers to events, and most of all his long and skillful service in rendering care to the injured and ill at SCA events. Among those speaking on Hawk's behalf was Meisterin Katrei Grunenberg, the current Society Chirurgeon, to whom Hawk is a deputy.

The ceremony, while duly solemn, also nodded often to the sense of humor for which Hawk is so very well known among his friends. A cloak, hood of maintenance, and lineage medallion were presented by Their Majesties, and Hawk swore fealty upon the sword of state of the East Kingdom.


Well done!

I was very, very happy to hear about this. Hawk is one of the finest people I know. Thank you for covering this. :)

An elevation well deserved

 Lord James "Hawk" Galloway is truly one of the most deserving new peers. I am grateful I was there to see the making. Vivats to Master James "Hawk" Galloway!

On a personal note

I have known Hawk for many years in the Chirurgeonate, and on Pennsic staff have worked for him and had him work for me. He is a devoted and skilled caregiver, a fair and honest leader and team member, and a loyal friend to many. I offer my personal congratulations and welcome to the Order of the Pelican. From your friends in the Midrealm Chirurgeonate: Hoobah!