An Tir Bids Farewell to Gerhard Kendal of Westmoreland

Gerhard Kendal of Westmoreland, Knight of the Society and Baron of the Lions Gate in AnTir, who died December 16, 2003, is remembered by his SCA family. Amanda, Melissa, and Andre wrote:

Let it be known throughout the Known World, that on this day, Gerhard Kendal of Westmoreland, Lion of An Tir, Knight of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Master of the Order of the Laurel, Baron of the Court of the West, Holder of the Grey Goose Shaft, Holder of the Hasta Leonis, Holder of the Goutte de Sang, Holder of the Jambe de Lion, Holder of the Order of Havok of Tir Righ, Holder of the Red Flame of Tir Righ, Holder of a Grant of Arms of the Kingdom of the West, Holder of an Award of Arms, Holder of University of Ithra Lector Artis and Lector Scientaie Degrees, Holder of numerous Ithra Magistraes, Holder of the Lions Claw, whose Arms have been Augmented by command of Their past Majesties of An Tir and most importantly, beloved husband, father, grandfather, teacher, student and friend has journeyed to the realm of stars to join Her Serene Highness, Dowager Princess Janeltis and the other absent friends of An Tir and the Known World to watch over us.

Please, gentle lords and ladies, remember his words, "Life is too short". Choose something you are passionate about and do some each and every day. As well, never lose the opportunity to tell your loved ones that they are loved and cherished. And never stop learning.

With love, joy and sadness,
Amanda, Melissa, Andre

And from Amanda:

Greetings dear friends,

The time came this morning.

Gerhard loved receiving all your letters, cards, phone calls and eMails. He was amazed and felt loved and appreciated by the knowledge of how you all regarded him and how he had affected your lives in some way. He wanted to respond to each of you personally, but there was not enough time to do all he wished.

Gerhard had a wonderful time at the Tir Righ Investiture, the St Giles Ithra Session, and most especially, at the Lions Gate Baroness's Tourney. He got to talk to many people at those events and his spirits were way up.

He had a lot of energy during the final weeks because all of you gave it to him through your correspondence and phone calls and personal interaction. He was one of the last people to leave the Baroness's Tourney site on Sunday morning.

His brother had flown out from Ottawa and spent a week with him.

He spent last Friday with Melissa / Heather taping his memories of his childhood, his family life, his military life, his rally / race life and his SCA life.

He spent last Saturday teaching Andre / Adolphus / Derek / Dee about RBG's (Rubber Band Guns).

He spent most of a day with his granddaughter - Anna.

He spent a lot of time with his grandson - Izaac.

He spent some time with his daughter-in-law - Oktabia / Sheri.

The last two days (Sunday and Monday) were difficult for him. He had a lot of trouble breathing. It was time for him to go.

He is on his way to discuss War Tactics with Robbin, Liam, Michael and Evan.

We all know that as long as he is in our memories, he will live on. The ripples that he has created through his teaching, whether formal or informal, will spread far and wide. The lives he has affected in some way, will never be the same. He was a man who lived by his principles. He never stopped learning, he never stopped teaching.

We helped make each other what we were - stronger than the sum of its parts. Our life together was as one.