Pennsic Performing Arts information

Sisuile Buitilier, Director, Pennsic Performing Arts, and Mihri Deniz Yetim, House Manager, Scheduler, for Pennsic Performing Arts, reports on peparations for the upcoming Pennsic War.

Sisuile Buitilier and Mihri Deniz Yetim write:

Greetings, Performers of the Known World,

The Pennsic Performing Arts staff is looking forward to showcasing the vast array of talents and variety of performers who come to Pennsic. We are ready to assist you in scheduling your performances and rehearsals so you may share your stage arts with the Known World!

We would like to encourage a wide variety of acts in the Performing Arts Tent, but they should deal with the time period and the interests of the Society for Creative Anachronism, specifically the Medieval and Renaissance periods and the peoples and cultures those periods encompass. The exceptions are those performances which reflect specific aspects of our Society, its background, history, administration, and culture/traditions. Performances that are blatantly modern in subject matter, music, costuming, scenery, and instrumentation are not appropriate for performance at the Pennsic War.

If you are interested in putting on a show at the Performing Arts Pavilion or the Amphitheater, please visit the Pennsic Performing Arts website.

Submissions will be accepted through April 15. We look forward to your performances!

In Service to the Arts,

Sisuile Buitilier-- Director, Pennsic Performing Arts
Mihri Deniz Yetim-- House Manager, Scheduler, Pennsic Performing Arts