Help Sought in Locating Stolen Musical Instrument

A rare medieval horn was stolen from a resident of Atlantia. His friend in the Midrealm has published a letter describing the instrument, and seeking help in recovering it. Peter of Turnberry writes:

Dear everyone:

Apologies to bother you all, but a friend of mine was robbed recently of a very rare and important to him medieval musical instrument, and, thinking it might show up in a sale somewhere out here, am writing to spread the word.

Out in Atlantia/Markland, the leader of the medieval music company Playford Spice got robbed at Darkover Con, losing in the theft, among other things, a bass Krummhorn [1] willed to to him by a friend who passed away from cancer earlier this year. It is an extremely rare and heavily sought-after medieval instrument, and suspicion is that the thieves might try to sell the item off in the medieval community. Given there are now eyes all over Markland/Atlantia and up the East Kingdom looking out for it, chances are they're going to try to sell it elsewhere -- like up here in the Midrealm. If anyone might have any information that you think might be helpful, you can reach me at; any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks, on my own behalf, and on behalf of my friends in Atlantia/Markland.



[1] Also sometimes spelled crummhorn or crumhorn or krummhorn, and they look like [the picture in the URL linked from the headline above].

Republished by permission of the author.