[CAI] Spring Potrero War

Hosted by the Barony of Calafia, in the Kingdom of Caid, at the Potrero Regional Park Thursday May 27, 2010 - Monday May 31, 2010.

Pre-registered guests May check in at 10AM on Thursday, May 27, 2010. Guests registering onsite may check in at noon on Thursday, May 27, 2010.

Pre-registration will be open from March 19, 2010 through May 1st, 2010. Please note, pre-registration alone will not guarantee you land - you must also fill out a land allocation request.

Pre-Regisration Requirements:

   1. Your pre-registration forms MUST BE POSTMARKED by May 1st - All forms received after May 1st will be returned to sender and you will not be allowed to enter site until noon on Thursday.
   2. Please include $1 per vehicle fee with your pre-registration forms; this includes trailers, motorcycles & RVs as well. If you have sent in your paperwork without this fee you will be asked to pay it at gate when you check in. This fee goes to cover the cost of treating the site for red ants.
   3. Please *Do NOT* send your paperwork via a mailing method requiring a signiture; it will not be accepted. This includes Certified Mail, Express Mail, Registered Mail, Fedex, or UPS.
   4. Please remember that you must send in a copy of the *front and back* of your membership card and your fighter card.
   5. If you have pre-registered online and DO NOT send in your paperwork by 5/1/2010, YOU WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED PRE-REGISTERED and will have to wait until Noon to be admitted to the park.
   6. Pre-registration payment MUST be received along with the registration forms. If payment is not received with the forms, your pre-registrion will not be considered valid.
   7. Pre-registration may be paid by check or money order only. We are no longer able to accept credit cards as a form of payment. DO NOT SEND CASH!

For any questions concerning Pre-registration please e-mail Baroness Brianna Je Nell Aislynn of Blue Shadows at prereg@potrerowar.org

We are pleased to be able to offer several methods of pre-registration. You may either fill out your registration online or print and fill out the PDF forms below. In both cases, you MUST mail them to the address provided and include your payment along with the forms.

Proof of SCA membership is required for reduced rate

All minors not accompanied by their parents or legal guardians must have a notarized Minor's Waiver and Informed Consent to Participate and a Minor's Medical Authorization form sent with the temporary guardian. Please bring 2 copies of these notarized forms; one copy to be retained by the temporary guardian, and one to hand in to gate. Minors without the appropriate forms will not be allowed on site. Emancipated Minors must be able to show legal proof.