Pre-registration open for West An Tir War 2010

Viscountess Ysabella Dolfin, Autocrat, reports that pre-registration is now open for West An Tir War 2010

Her Excellency writes:

I know there is some anxiety surrounding pre-registration, ACCEPS and land so I am going to expound (hopefully not too excessively!) on what we are doing and why with regards to these tactical details.

The West will be hosting the war this year, and it will be my second time autocratting. The first time I autocrattted I ran the land and registration as we would for a typical West Kingdom Crown event. Since then I've been to several An Tirian events and noticed there are some differences in how each Kingdom allocates land etc. These differences are born of practicality; in the West we generally don't drive more than a couple of hours to an event. In An Tir it is not uncommon for people to drive 30 hours to a weekend event.

So to honor our An Tirian guests while upholding our Western traditions, we will be providing several different options to register, pre-register and acquire land.


1. Preregister through the mail using this form:

2. preregister through ACCEPS:

3. Register at Gate when you arrive on site

To acquire land for your group, barony or war unit:

1. If you are from An Tir, contact Mistress Khalja with your group size needs

2. If you are from the West, you can contact me for reservation of space for larger groups (war units, baronies, principalities, guilds) at

3. You can show up on site and get land as well with no advanced contact, but it will be on a first come first served basis of what is still available.

Moe information is available at the Web Page (we will be adding the A&S tracts etc soon):

In Service
Viscountess Ysabella Dolfin