Students, scholars and SCA join for medieval experience

Students from Presque Isle Middle School in Maine learned about the Middle Ages March 23 by taking on the role of a medieval villager. Reporter Jen Lynds of the Bangor Daily News has the preview.

The event was hosted by the school, the University of Maine at Presque Isle and the Society for Creative Anachronism. Each student was given a "passport" assigning them their role in the village "complete with a castle, monastery, peasant home and workshops."

“As the students visit the various sets that make up the village, they will learn how the person on their passport would have lived during medieval times,” said Kim Sebold, UMPI associate professor of history. Sebold added that the illusion of traveling back in time “is an excellent way for students in the area to learn about this time period in history, and it’s been a real im-mersion in the culture and history of the time for the university and middle school students who have been creating this medieval village.”