"It Won't Go to Zero"

Financial planner Ken Robinson wanted a way to reach more people with his message of hope: As bad as the economy may be, it will eventually recover. So he wrote "It Won't Go to Zero" as a rap song and video. The rap song might blend well with his other works, including the Cleftlands Battle Song.

By day, Ken Robinson helps people plan for their financial future, guiding them to sound investments. In his spare time, though, he is Sir Ephraim ben Shlomo, residing in the Barony of Cleftlands in the Middle Kingdom. It turns out that in addition to his modern-world financial skills and his SCA combat prowess, the former Baron of Cleftlands is a dab hand at bardic performances!

Credit for finding the link goes to Countess Alys Katharine, who posted it to the Middlebridge.